lördag 21 december 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

The past year has been marked by incredible joy but also of deepest grief and loss . The great joy was of course the wedding in South Africa between our son Marcus and Heidi. Now we have a South African daughter in law which we are so proud and happy with.

The deep grief strock us in May. Our beloved son Jonas died just the day before my 60th birthday. After 2 weeks in intensive care his body could not hold out longer. I have previously written about our grief and want to thank all friends for support and encouragement. Money has been received in a remembrance fund to help school children in Africa with education. We have helped 3 students during the year and when I visited the school in Kenya which they named after me we promised to take responsibility for two talented students for their continued schooling.

The past year has offered many new experiences. The grief added its curtain at all and sometimes it feels like there has been no bottom for all tears.

I have traveled extensively throughout the year.  I have taken two groups to Tanzania and Kenya. On the last trip I had the pleasure to be with my son Marcus few days. Participants have been so encouraging and positive. In November, both Anna -Britt and I was pleased to participate in alignkonferensen in Turkey together with participants from our partner countries.

Just as the Conference of Ephesus would begin, the disaster occurred in the Philippines. Trosgnistans Mission immediately pulled off a relief effort and I  went out to the site to follow the work. I have never experienced such a terrible devastation. But to be able to contribute to help others has brought us a force in everyday life that makes us to have find the meaning of life .

The year was characterized by very earnest but also a little playful. I got to relive the joy of riding on a motorcycle. In Kenya , I had a motorcycle and drove it often in the bush. Where the car had problems to go I could always go with the bike. In late summer , I bought a Honda Cb 500, I got it cheap , although it looked almost brand new. It had not been used for several years but after that I fixed the carburetors it moves well. 

Now it's soon Christmas Eve and we will celebrate that at our house this year. The loss of Jonas is painful but we are happy to have our children at home with their partners . Göran and hs family will join us too.


David Duveskog

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