måndag 3 juni 2013

Thanks for all prayers

Dear friends,

Thanks for all prayers and words of comfort. On the 25th of May our son Jonas went to be with the Lord. He was 24 years old and was admitted to hospital about two weeks before his death. He developed an infection which cost a sepsis in his blood and affected his lungs and liver.  He struggled hard for two weeks in the ICU fully conscious and speakable, but very weak. We as the family were with him when he died and Debora and Marcus had come from Africa and spend 3 days next to his bed together with us.
We had hope for his recovery but finally the battle was to strong and we had to accept the he was taken from us to be with the Lord. It is so painful that no words can explain the sorrow and stop our tears.
But we have comfort in our faith. We will meet again.
On Saturday we hade the funeral service in the Bethel church. Despite all the pains it was a hopeful and good farewell service.
Please remember us in your prayers as days go on.
Beside all things our oldest daughter Debora succeeded to complete her  PhD at Uppsala University the same week and can now be called Dr. Deborah Duveskog. I am sure her younger brother would be very proud of her.

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Lachen sa...

Fortfarande helt ofattbart det som hänt. Vi ber för er varje dag. Är det OK om jag länkar till detta inlägg på Komotobos Facebook-sida? Det kan vara bra om riktig information kommer ut så det inte spekuleras och sprids felaktigheter om Jonas bortgång.